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Family is sometimes exhausting but it makes us happy for sure. Everyone has one. For some, it is always close by, but in some cases it is also very far away. For some it is small, for others family might be huge. Family can be loud or quiet, sometimes family is something to be embarrassed by or something to be proud of. Have a closer look at how colorful families can be and think about your own family in our exhibition “My Family” – powered by Steiermärkische Sparkasse!

Circus makes us believe in the impossible! Everyone enjoys remembering their last visit to the circus. Artists astonish us, clumsy clowns make us laugh and magicians thrill us. In the “CIRCUS FRidanella and freDissimo” you can have a good romp. Experience yourself and test your skills in our atmospheric circus!

CIRCUS FRidanella & freDissimo

Welcome, come on in! This is a participatory-exhibition for children between the ages 3 and 7!

Have you ever been to a circus? In the Graz Children’s Museum, the circus FRidanella & freDissimo has set up its tent! Here you are the star in the manege!

Do you know how to dance on a rope? Who is the funniest clown? What magic tricks really work and how do circus families live, who are travelling round the world?

You can do something very special for sure – which act would you like to perform? The stage is yours and applause, applause!

An exhibition of FRida & freD – the Graz Children’s Museum

My Family

Powered by “Steiermärkische Sparkasse

Have you ever wondered what family can be and what roles you play in your family?

How many people are necessary for a family? Does a family need children to be a “real family”? Does a family need a wedding? Are people who have the same name or the same address a family? Are the people we like most our family? The ones with whom we spend most of our time with? Those who know us best, so maybe close friends?

It is not easy to explain what makes a family a family.

Family is always an adventure!

An exhibition of FRida & freD – the Graz Children’s Museum
Powered by “Steiermärkische Sparkasse


Me – Simply GENius

Our laboratory is more than a lab. It is also a library and an artist’s studio!
DNA makes us unique. It cannot be seen with the eye, but it has all the information that makes us us. Artists also experiment with the uniqueness of human beings.
Discover yourself in exciting experiments and express your uniqueness artistically!

Module 1: I can feel it in my fingertips!
Your fingerprint is unique! Use your fingerprints to create pictures and cards.
For groups · Age: 3-6 years · Duration: 50min

Module 2: Are we really unique?
Learn everything about the DNA and look inside a human body with an augmented reality- app. With a microscope you can examine a human cell. Now that you have the knowledge of the human cell use it to create pop-art and print DNA.
For groups · Age: Aged 7 and above · Duration: 90min

Groups: Telephone reservations required by calling +43 (0) 316 872 7700
Individuals: Friday and Sunday from 13.30 till closing and on Saturday all day (no reservation needed)


The FRida & freD KNOPFtheater!

From 4:00 pm every Thursday to Sunday, our stage plays delight audiences aged 2 and above. Make yourself comfortable in our theatre and allow us to enthral you with enchanting puppets, adventurous journeys, funny songs, comical actors and crazy characters.

As many of our performances are sold out, we recommend early ticket reservation by calling: +43 (0) 316 872 7700.

Theatre visitors who don’t have enough time for a visit to the exhibition are invited to purchase a ticket for the Lümmelzone for € 1.00 half an hour before the start of the performance.

For a performance at forenoon please contact nora.bugram@stadt.graz.at

Holiday programme

Summer Academy 2017 – SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!

There are things that are not there – or are they? This summer you will be looking for unusual animals, spectacular vehicles, quaint world records and much more!

Mon–Fri from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
For children aged 7 and over! (after attending the first grade of elementary school)
Price: € 140.00 per child per week, including lunch, materials and excursions

Information and Registration:

FRida & freD – The Graz Children’s Museum
Friedrichgasse 34, A-8010 Graz
T: +43 (0)316 872 7700

Week 1: 10.07. – 14.07.2017 – „Axolotl und Co: UNGLAUBLICHE TIERE”
Week 2: 17.07. – 21.07.2017 – „Das ist magisch! TRICKS UND TÄUSCHUNGEN“
Week 3: 24.07. – 28.07.2017 – „Einfach spektakulär: AUSSERGEWÖHNLICHE & SELTSAME FAHRZEUGE“
Week 4: 31.07. – 04.08.2017 – „Arme Ritter und kalter Hund: KURIOSE GERICHTE  & UNGEWÖHNLICHE SPEZIALITÄTEN“
Week 5: 07.08. – 11.08.2017 – „Vom Schlammhüpfen und Dauerrutschen: WOCHE DER REKORDE“
Week 6: 14.08. – 18.08.2017 – „9 oder 3.300 Quadratmeter? WIE MENSCHEN WOHNEN“
Week 7: 21.08. – 25.08.2017 – „Spiel, Satz, Sieg: SELSTAME SPORTARTEN UND -GERÄTE“
Week 8: 28.08. – 01.09.2017 – „Let’s Party: UNGEWÖHNLICHE FEIERTAGE“
Week 9: 04.09. – 08.09.2017 – „Toilettenschuhe oder im Pyjama zur Schule – GANZ NORMAL?“

Birthday parties

The fun starts here at FRida & freD. Celebrate your birthday with us!

You celebrate indoors and outdoors, in the exhibition and in the festive birthday room, loud and soft, rowdy and quiet, always with your favourite friends. Two members of the FRida & freD staff accompany you through a programme to suit your own taste!

Please bring socks or slippers and weatherproof clothing!

Kid’s birthday – three hours
including admission to the exhibition, materials, cake (three flavours available to choose from), snack with organic apple juice and birthday gift.
Price: € 250.00 for up to 10 children, € 12.00 for each additional child up to a maximum of 15 children

Kid’s birthday – two hours
including admission to the exhibition and materials. You may bring your own cake and snacks.
Price: € 145.00 for up to 10 children, € 12.00 for each additional child up to a maximum of 15 children

Information and registration
Age: from 5 years
Date by agreement by calling +43 (0) 316 872 7700